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Your Age is Beautiful
Age Inclusive, plant based Skincare

Alix Clo was conceived from a desire to create an age-inclusive, all-natural skincare brand that celebrates rather than shames our age.

Age-ism is Real.

I’m Efrat Rafaeli, founder, owner, maker, founder of Alix Clo. Alix Clo was conceived from a desire to create an all-natural, highly potent skincare for every age and season of our life.


In an industry that markets youth as the ultimate version of beauty, it is my hope is to transform our relationship to aging.


You don't need to look 20 younger. You can look absolutely gorgeous exactly where you are.

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Natural Radiance Starts with Natural Products.

My path to radiant beauty has always been to lean to nature. Millions years of wisdom, consciousness, and synergistic potency in the making, can’t be

done in the lab.

I have combined my studies in Ayrurveda, Aromatherapy and Organic Skincare Formulations to bring you a capsule and evolving collection of

highly therapeutic, age-inclusive, natural skincare products, that not only work, but also feel amazing.

Cruelty Free

Natural. Non-Toxic.

Age Inclusive