Age-Inclusive Skincare.

Alix Clo was conceived from a desire to create an age-inclusive, all-natural skincare brand that makes you love the skin you're in.

In a beauty industry that touts youth as the ultimate version of beauty, with an "ANTI AGING" narrative, we've decided it's time to celebrate beauty at

Your Age is Beautiful.

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Minimal, Natural 
and Potent.

We believe that less is more.

Our intent is to create a minimal and convenient approach to skincare.


We created a line of high-quality products, that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle.

While minimalist skincare is our intent, our products are far from simple.


Our multi-layered formulas combine ingredients that work synergistically with each other, and deliver their highest potential to your skin.

The result is healthy, luminous, and resilient skin.

Cruelty Free

Natural. Non-Toxic.

Age Inclusive